4 Industry Shifts that Promote Consumer Healthcare

Healthcare savvy individuals are beginning to look more like consumers than just patients. Patients are on the hunt for healthcare systems that go above and beyond their normal appointment and excel in customer service, care and cost. Currently, there are four trends that are changing the model of consumer healthcare. Together, these shifts promote effective communications and engagement that are in line with the emerging consumer-centric healthcare industry.

1. Health Plan Consumer Shift

Consumers are becoming more active in their healthcare decisions. This shift is fueled by the growth of consumer-driven health plan models, as well as changes in the employer group market. The shift is including more consumer-centric incentives within employer groups including access to care improvements, financial benefits, and other related services.

2. Health System Engagement Shift

The healthcare industry has been shifting to a fee-for-value system. This shift is changing the way providers engage with their patients. Healthcare Systems are seeking to offer better care to their patients resulting in better outcomes. In addition, providers are taking more proactive approach with chronic and acute condition patients to help them manage their conditions.

3. Knowledge Shift

Today, consumers want to be more informed about their health. Almost every service line and disease has a multiple websites with trusted information which caters to how millennials access information opposed to previous generations that believed their doctor was the most trusted source. This shift depends on an organization’s future capacity to customize the delivery of information to align with each generation’s expectations.

4. Well-being Shift

A wide range of products are creeping up on the market to promote overall healthy living. Consumers prioritize their health and making healthy choice beyond the doctor’s office. Today, there are mobile apps, fitness trackers, and other health-related devices that appeal to the consumer’s desire to achieve a healthy lifestyle.